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Jodrell Bank � A Report by Samuel and Ella-Mae

On Tuesday 15th October, Year 5 and Year 6 went to visit the Jodrell Bank Space Centre in Cheshire.
We saw the Lovell Telescope which is looking for radio waves from space!  When we got there it was misty and the Lovell Telescope looked a lot smaller than it really is!  But when the sun came out, it was huge!   It looked bigger than the buildings we were in!
Outside, in front of the Lovell Telescope were the Whispering Dishes, which were about 20 metres apart.  All you had to do was whisper into the silver ring on one, and the people on the other dish could hear you!  Also outside we had to find the planets of our solar system, which were spaced apart from each to represent the distance between them.
One of the best bits was seeing the planetarium.  This was a dome, which was a bit like being inside a bouncy castle, and there was a projector inside showing constellations of stars, planets and dwarf planets, such as Pluto, Eris and Makemake.
We went into a room where there were lots of interactive displays, such as a black hole display.  With this one, you had to roll a ball round it and at first it went slowly and then as it went down into the hole, where it dropped, it went faster!  
This is because with a black hole, the force of it sucks everything surrounding it into it causing it to collapse.
We also experienced the sound of the big bang, which was more of a whoosh than an explosion. 
We touched a meteorite from space and it felt like cold metal. 
There was a room at the beginning of the visit, where you had to spin a handle which brought the solar system to life!  The planets were orbiting the sun and the earth was spinning really fast on its axis, with our moon rotating around it.   The outer planets such as Jupiter and Saturn and Neptune travelled much more slowly to represent their distance from the sun.
We also took part in workshops to see the impact of different sized meteorites on the moon, using different sized balls and we looked at the human eye and its lens, to see how eye sight works. 
Right at the end of the day, we went to the shop and there were small telescopes and stars that you could stick to the ceiling to buy, as well as lots of other things!
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