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As part of the new Primary Curriculum, it is mandatory for children to learn a modern foreign language or an ancient language (such as Latin or Greek). Learning a new language is particularly important, as it helps develop the skills associated with literacy learning: speaking, listening, reading and understanding of the text or spoken word. Developing such skills also helps children understand the structure of language and it is invaluable in its support of English grammar and punctuation, which is taught within school. Furthermore, learning a language is an ideal way for children to immerse themselves in new cultures and traditions and enables them to compare these cultures with their own, identifying any similarities or differences and helps them reaffirm their own identity and values.

At Lady Katherine Leveson Church of England Primary School, when learning a language, our children are expected to master basic grammar and accurate pronunciation; to converse, present, read and write in the chosen language and to embrace and learn about different cultures and traditions.

As a school, we present many exciting learning opportunities to our children to enable them to explore and develop a life-long love  of language learning and we are working closely with both Newman University and Warwick University to further enhance our language provision.

KS2 Language Overview

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