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Parent Council

Mission Statement

  • To extend the partnership between our school, community and parents
  • To consult with parents through their involvement, listening to the 'parent voice'
  • To extend the relationship of trust and support that exists between home and school
  • To provide a means of guidance and practical information for all parents in line with the school ethos


Ground Rules

The Parent Council:

  • is an active and positive group
  • aims to expand the partnership between parents and school
  • will not discuss individual children, staff, parents or governors
  • will not deal with complaints but will point parents in the right direction
  • will maintain confidentiality where necessary
  • will elect a Chairperson and Vice-Chair annually
  • will seek to meet monthly during term time
  • will appoint a Secretary to keep minutes, which will be kept on the school website


The Head Teacher will attend each meeting and will support members with their Agenda items.


A Parent Councillor should:

  • be prepared to commit the time for at least four meetings a year
  • be willing to provide time to be available to other parents
  • support the school in what it is trying to achieve
  • Liaise with class teachers and support them
  • aim to aid communications between school and home
  • be a support to all parents
  • be the first point of contact for new parents within your class
  • support out-of-school activities such as Parent Information Evenings
  • support the work of our Child and Family Support Worker


Agenda items should:

  • continually support school improvement
  • contribute, where appropriate, to school policies
  • be primarily concerned with the education and welfare of the children
  • be discussed with the Chair and Head before the meeting
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