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PARENT SUPPORT / INVOLVEMENT / LIAISON - How do you communicate their progress and areas of difficulty?

There are a range of both formal and informal opportunities to meet with staff including Parents’ Evenings and at the end of the school day.  Parent evenings with the class teacher are held three times a year where progress and any concerns will be discussed.  If there is an immediate concern the class teacher will contact the parents directly and invite them to come in for a meeting. The outcome of this meeting will determine whether a child may need involvement in a specific intervention.


Parents are also encouraged to make an appointment to see their child’s Class Teacher should they have any immediate concerns. Parents of children on the school SEN register are also welcome to make an appointment to meet with the school SENCo.
Parents of SEND children are invited to attend a termly meeting with the SENCo and class teacher/teaching assistant.  At this meeting, the child’s progress against the targets set in their Individual Education Plan will be discussed and all parties (child, teacher and parent) will be asked for their views and feedback about progress.

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