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PARENT SUPPORT / INVOLVEMENT / LIAISON - How do you invovle/support the parents or carers of children with an SEND regarding identifying and meeting their needs ?

At Lady Katherine , we have a rigorous system for regularly observing, assessing and recording the progress of all children and this is used to identify children who are not progressing satisfactorily and those who may have additional needs. Progress is discussed with parents at termly Parents meetings.
At Lady Katherine we hold half termly Pupil progress meetings in which each class teacher meets with the Head Teacher and SENCo to discuss any concerns they may have about the children in their class.  A thorough record of the meeting is kept with agreed actions as to what staff need to do and this is updated at the subsequent meetings.
Additional support may be in the form of a targeted intervention group such as Read, Write Inc which will be put in place for those children who it is felt need a short term input to put them back on track. Parents will be informed of these interventions at Parents’ Evenings or meetings will be arranged between the class teacher and the parent. All children have targets that are set between the child and the class teacher and a copy of these are sent home half termly.
Teachers are asked to record concerns over the next half term for children they feel may need outside professionals involved and be place at SEN Support on the School SEN register.  This will be discussed with parents with the Class Teacher and SENCo and a programme of support will be palnned such as referrals to professionals or assessments by SISS teams.
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