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School Values

Our Mission Statement

‘Love and Kindness: Learning for Life’

We provide a caring, safe, happy and stimulating environment, in which every child matters and is nurtured; unlocking their full potential, building their self-esteem and encouraging a love of life-long learning, all within a unique, Christian heritage and community.

Our Aims and Values

Written by Pupils, Staff, Parents and Governors and updated annually

We Aim to:

Provide a safe, caring and challenging learning environment that meets every child’s individual needs and helps everyone to have a fun learning journey
Show respect for others, encouraging Pupils, Parents, Staff and Governors to work together and share our love and kindness with everyone
Encourage independence and personal responsibility in learning, ensuring that everyone is healthy and safe
Find, recognise and celebrate the gift in every child
Improve our surroundings and environment, moving towards sustainability and green habits

Our Values:

We believe in Christian values and encouraging a respect for diversity
We value our environment, and want to contribute to it, rather than take from it
We value all the people who work together in our school community, including those from the Court and the Church
We believe that children have a right to feel safe, loved and cared for and that compassion and empathy should be evident in our school
We believe in the right of the individual to be treated as such; to feel accepted and understood and recognised

  • Lady Katherine Leveson Church of England School,
  • Fen End Road West,
  • Temple Balsall Knowle,
  • Solihull,
  • West Midlands,
  • B93 0AN
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  • Telephone : 01564 772374