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The children will be writing here as often as possible about what they have been learning.

Autumn Term - 

In the Autumn term, Dr Brad Johnston came into speak about dinosaurs and to answer some questions from the class. He was an expert in dinosaurs especially stegosauruses.

By Toby

Spring Term - 

A lady called Mary from the court came and she made butter with us.
After she made it we got to eat it with bread and jam and marmite and it was very nice. After she finished she went back to the court and we went home.

By Haniya

On Monday the 16th of march we did an amazing  school play! Year 3 children have been learning their lines very well!
In year 3 we have been learning about volcanoes so we told you all about volcanoes.
So volcanoes can erupt at any time and any day. Some people live by the horrible volcanoes.

By Amelia

We learned how to hand chime with Emma’s mum, nanny and granddad (IT WAS SO FUN!!!!).
We also had some people come that were from France called Claire and Florin. They taught us how to speak French in a restaurant.
On maths week we did this awesome contest and you had to draw a symmetrical picture. Jason won and he got a lovely cream egg.

By Alix and Paul
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